I can't even put into words how beautiful he is.  Just perfect.


Ho-Ho-Ho !!!

This little set of triplets .... yes, there were three of them, are gorgeous!  But look at their Mama and Daddy.   Today they strutted their stuff and made taking their pictures a piece of cake!  They couldn't have been any better.  What little troopers!

Enjoy this little peek, and thanks for having me out today Angie and Todd, it was fun.  You sure have beautiful babies!  They've come a long way since "birth"-day almost four months ago!  What a privledge to get to photograph their birth and then do it again today!  How lucky can a photographer be?!  I'll have your gallery up soon!


She's Got Him!

Okay Miss Mariah .... you've got him!  I'm his Mama ... and don't forget that I had that leg first!

I love playing 'pictures' with my son Joey and Mariah.  What a lucky Mom I am ... I have Joey, but next July I'll be Mariah's Mom-in-Law!



My family. All my kids. Whew ... when I look at this, I think I'm a busy mama!

We had Thanksgiving here today and this was my mission before the sun went down! I love it and tomorrow I'll love it even more when it's on my living room wall!


Lucky People!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to do an awesome engagement shoot with Michael and Laura.  It was sunny and beautiful and made for a perfect day! 

We did the barns, the fields and then hit up an old alley way in town!

I don't know if you recognize Laura ... but she's Meg's bestest friend.  Laura is my niece and Meg thinks the sun shines in her.  So do I.  Michael is a firefighter in the city and Laura is in nursing school.  Would you believe that they met at a wreck and now they're getting married next July!

I'm sure I'll be taking more L & M pictures in the future ... so for now, here's a link to their gallery!  Enjoy .. because they're gorgeous!


My Heart Beats Fast ...

You know ... every once in a while I just have to post a peek of my own kids.  My boys.  My little bitty farmhouse boys!  I took this several weeks ago out in the field behind my house, and just looked at it again.  I think I'll print this and hang it somewhere that I can blow kisses at them everytime I pass!

This picture makes my heart beat fast and 'skip-a-doodle-tu' every single time I look at it!  They just exude brotherhood all over the place, eh???

Mama loves you boys ...


Daniel - A Senior Session

When Mr. Daniel's Mother called and ask if I'd do his senior pictures out on their family farm, I never dreamed they'd be this darn good ...  "Mom" said he was a cute kid, and she was right ... he's also as sweet and kind as he is cute!

He was bound and determined to keep those jeans on that he loves ... so we made the best of the holes in the knees and went for a antique look!  I even climbed up in a hay loft with this kid!  What fun!

Just as we were heading down the lane in his truck to snap a few shots at the lake ... we came upon this hill and it was raining down these glorious autumn leaves.  We just had to stop on top of the hill and snap a few in front of his headlights.  I just love this picture!

Okay ... your Mom convinced me ... you're cute! ... and photogenic too!  He just made my job way too easy with his laid back country style!  Watch out girls ... Mr D is headed down the right road in his life!

By the way, Mr. D.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


First Breaths Photography

"For where your heart is, there your treasure shall be also."

I witnessed a true miracle this evening. The birth of this beautiful foot, along with five others just like it ...I photographed the birth of a beautiful set of triplets and witnessed them taking their first breath. I caught the most glorious images that you can ever imagine. I heard their first cries, and I saw their life begin.

As a photographer, I feel so honored to be a part of this. As a Nurse, I am so humbled with each birth that I witness, and as a Mother, I am in such awe and still yet, it brings me to tears at the miracle that God performs. I have learned to never take a moment of my children's lives for granted, and I know I am so blessed.

God has been watching over these babies for a long time, and finally it was time for them to be born. ... and that they did. Healthy and perfect in every way. ... and yes, this was Mrs. A's babies. The second Mrs. A. I photographed the first Mrs. A's triplets three weeks ago, and they too are perfect beings of God.

Not only were these triplets born this evening .... but I'm launching my website this weekend for my birth photography business. My website and birth photog blog will be up and running late Sunday night, and after I have the chance to tweak the bugs, I'll post the links for you to check them out!

This is very exciting for me as I've been working on this for quite some time and finally I'm ready! I will only be accepting three births a month due to the extensive involvement that it entails, plus I want to have time to be a Mom to my own little Trio! With three little ones of my own, it's sometimes hard to run out the door with a 30 minute notice for emergency c-sections .... yikes!

Of course I will be continuing my FarmHouse Kids Photography with business as usual!

So what do you think of that perfect little foot? I want to know. Don't you just want to kiss that little tootsie? Pictures are deceiving ... because it really is a little bitty thing with the cutest little toes attached!


Fingerprints of God

What a pleasure to have photographed this little lady. Meet Miss Lizzy.

She literally was handed from God to her Mommy and Daddy right before her birth. God does some really cool things doesn't he?

Miss L's Mother won a little contest for a mini-session on my FarmHouse Kids blog which included a 12 x 12 image of her little darling with the lyrics of Fingerprints of God on it. Miss Lizzy truly has the Fingerprints of God all over her! She's a sweet sweet baby.

It was good to finally meet you A, and thanks for the warm welcome you gave me when I came up to photograph Miss L.

I'll get your print to you as soon as it arrives!


~ Family ~ (mine)

My kids. My older kids. It's hard to believe that they are all grown up. The best part is that they are friends. They love each other. It's hard these days to get them all together. With one still in college in Missouri, and one living in Mississippi for now, it's a rare moment. It makes me teary eyed to see them like this. Again, I'm a lucky Mom.


~ Lucky Mommy ~

Who says you have to have a eye to eye photo for it to be beautiful? Some of the best shots are when caught off guard. It's hard to do with this little girl though.

She's a ham and loves her picture taken. Just ask her ... and she'll tell you that she's a Princess. A pretty one too.
She ran all over the farm and posed like the high school seniors I shoot ... and she's a hoot, and she's mine!
Here I think she was looking at her shoes. She loves her shoes, and has a favorite pair every day.
Want to bet it's the shoes?
Then I caught this ... and just think I get to live with this girl and take her picture all the time. It's great being the Mommy and the photographer.
Until they get bossy that is ....
To be three again, and to be loved is awesome. She's loved.
She caught kisses here ... "boo-boo kisses"


Joni - Senior Pics

Thanks for coming out Joni! It was fun to shoot your senior pictures. Here's a few that are proofed and I still have lots to do! Am getting caught up with proofs and you'res are next! ENJOY!


Camie - A Senior Session

This senior session was loads of fun ....
This girl made it so very easy with her beautiful smiles. She has it going on!

Here's a few more from our session. Enjoy!


Joey & Mariah

A pre-engagement session! These two lovebirds are both beautiful and both photogenic! I can say this because Joey is my son. Mama's are allowed to brag, even when the Mama is taking the pictures!


She totally captures my heart!



She's so beautiful .... and she's mine. Meg loves to whisper in my ear, "I Love You Mommy!" or "I want to kiss your face." What a lucky Mommy I am ...


Senior Moments: Casey and Marissa

This Senior session was for Casey, but he brought his girlfriend along ... and we had lots of fun. Casey wasn't really into pictures. I'm sure he'd rather be playing basketball, but with Marissa's help it was a wonderful day!
Enjoy .... this is a cute couple!

FarmHouse Photography

Capturing the moments as a Natural Light Children's Photographer, serving southern Indiana and the surrounding area for country portraiture on our farm, or on the location of your choice.

A bit about me. I'm a Nurse and Mother to seven kids, four grown up, then came my four year old triplets Sam, Jay & Meg. The best part of this life I'm in, is making memories with my camera that last a lifetime. It's all about family, and LOVE.

It's good to meet you ..... see you at the farm or in the barn!



A Photographers Prayer

Oh God, as I bring my subject into focus and prepare to make each portrait, never let me forget that I'm creating treasures for some family, a keepsake for loved ones. Make me sensitive to the qualities and virtues of others, that I may draw out into the light the beautiful radiant belongings of their hearts.

Help me to be an artist, collecting the beauty of every soul, the glow of youth, the gentleness, the laughter or tears of each life that is precious in thy sight.

Deeper than a means of livelihood, give me the perspective to see my photographer's art as a service to others, making life richer and more memorable.

And, dear Lord, between the lights and shadows, the ups and downs and the rolling years, keep me from getting out of focus or off center, so that my life and work may be framed with dignity and colored with contentment ...

Author Unknown

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